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“We are satisfied with VI-SEEM VRE to a substantial extent. Neglecting the minor technical difficulties in the beginning, the VREs have been rather useful in many aspects. The benefits as VI-SEEM user for me are quite numerous. First of all, the availability of HPC resources, as well as storage is certainly something that makes our research efforts possible at all. The support concerning both HPC-related and code-related issues are appreciated too. At the same time, availability of various tools and codes developed for particular specific purposes within the framework of the project and making them available to the scientific community is one of the greatest benefits from this project. As I myself am also actively involved in development of small -but significant for our research efforts computational tools/codes, having a wide variety of tools at disposal within a particular VRE boosts the effective research activities. Most useful for our own research efforts were the AFMM force field parametrization code, the NANO-crystal tool, as well as the ChemBioServer and numerous tools and codes from the software tools repository. I will certainly continue to use tools and services produced by VI-SEEM, as some of them have shown to be rather useful for a wide variety of purposes. Although I am certainly aware of the complexity of this task, I would only suggest some speed-up of the process of gaining effective access to the HPC systems, and somewhat more effective installation/compilation of the requested new codes/tools.”

“The VI-SEEM VRE was very useful in several aspects of my research. VI-SEEM HPC resources and storage capacities, as well as the technical support allowed for me and my colleagues to dedicate more time to research. The wider scientific community will benefit from the availability of DREAMCLIMATE service through the use of the code and can provide valuable feedback. We particularly benefited from the adaptation of the DREAMCLIMATE code which is now available as a service on the VI-SEEM platform. The HPC structure was well prepared for our type of research. All the necessary libraries and our preferred compiler were available. As the complexity of our code will increase and additional applications and adaptations of this type of the DREAMCLIMATE code will be explored, we will continue to use the VI-SEEM tools and services. Due to the specific requests of use of HPC infrastructures in meteorology and weather forecasting, a reservation system in the job queue would be a great improvement in the future. It is a complicated task but the timeliness of weather forecasts can be very important and beneficial for the scientific community and end-users.”

“The VI-SEEM VRE is very important for ensuring competitive computational resources to the researchers from the Southeastern part of Europe. We are satisfied with the services provided and with the participation in the events organized within the project. The main benefit is the possibility to run large-scale simulations with realistic molecular models, which would not have been possible otherwise. An additional advantage is the opportunity to talk and connect to scientists with similar scientific background from the neighboring countries. Especially noteworthy is the excellent organization of the computing facility ARIS. We would like to continue the usage of the resources and tools provided within VI-SEEM. A bit more clearly outlined rules of access to Avitohol and some more information in English for the users of Leo would be useful.”

“Easy and fast access to the VI-SEEM platform and services, benefits us in gathering quickly scientific results. Тhe method of loading the individual services into one, as well as the repository web site is among the offered features that we particularly liked.”