Pay-per-use call for proposals for projects accessing VI-SEEM Resources and Services

VI-SEEM offers a broad set of generic as well as application-specific services, with special focus on the scientific communities of Life Sciences, Climatology and Digital Cultural Heritage. These services are in the areas of Compute resource provisioning (HPC, Grid and Cloud), Storage and Data services provisioning, Data Set provisioning, Software and Scientific Workflow provisioning as well as Application Specific service provisioning. This bundle catalogue offers the ability to procure these services.

All services can be purchased electronically via the following link:

Potential customers can choose the option “purchase order”, after which a document informing who the Service Provider is displayed, containing the service description, the monthly charges and the initial terms.
The general terms and conditions under which these services are provided can be found here as well as the relevant Service Level Agreement.
All the above documents (terms and conditions, SLA, Purchase Order) must be physically signed by both parties (customer and provider) prior to service delivery.