Data Privacy Policy

To ensure compatibility with the GDPR directive, the VI-SEEM project consortium took all the required action to ensure full compliance with this directive

Collection and handling of users’ data

All the systems that collect users’ data are implemented using tools that are GDPR verified. This includes the training events registration systems (, the call application platform (, the AAI (, etc. All the systems were analyzed and recommended actions to ensure GDPR compatibility were taken.

Data Protection officers

To enable direct communication of the vi-seem service users and provides, we have complied a list of data protection officers of the project partners. The data protection officers can be contacted by the users by writing to the email address. Users are encouraged to contact them if they have any data privacy questions related to the vi-seem project, its services and underlying infrastructure.

Acceptable User Policy

VI-SEEM project is currently finalizing the AUP together with the AARC project. Once the AUP is finalized, it will be published on this page.

The right to be forgotten

The following email address can be used by the users if they want to have their personal data deleted from the vi-seem systems. The message should include detailed description what personal data needs to be deleted and from which services/systems. The message will then be forwarded to the appropriate institutions and after the successful deletion, the user will be notified back.