National Training on Google Earth Engine (GEE) and Remote Sensing and Climate Applications

screen-shot-2018-05-07-at-14-33-58As part of the VI-SEEM project, IUCC (Israel Inter-University Computation Center) hosted a national workshop on Google Earth Engine (GEE) on June 4, 2017. The workshop was held in cooperation with Bar-Ilan University and the Israel National Ecosystem Assessment Program, a government-supported umbrella organization responsible for natural resource management under the auspices of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

GEE is a free cloud platform that includes data from satellites and many models that enables fast and efficient viewing and processing of large data sets. The raw data and processed results can be downloaded to be worked on with other tools as well.

The objective of the training event was to expose researchers to the VI-SEEM research infrastructure and recruit new users.

The free event was open to researchers and graduate students. Registration was oversubscribed, indicating the importance and relevance of the program for Israel’s climate research community.

The program highlighted a hands-on session for users to run Python code on the local VI-SEEM cluster, illustrating the simplicity and accessibility of the Vi-SEEM infrastructure. 

The feedback received was excellent and indicated an appreciation for exposure to new tools and that would definitely be used in the future. Queries arising from the promotion of the event led to a submission to the VI-SEEM 2nd Call from a researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Discussions on future cooperation with individual universities, and other government-supported NGOs, like the Israel National Ecosystem Assessment Program, are ongoing.