VI-SEEM National Dissemination Event in Cyprus: Presentation at the First Cyprus Science Festival, 9 December 2016, Larnaca-Pyla, Cyprus


The VI-SEEM national dissemination event in Cyprus took place at the first Cyprus Science Festival on Friday 9th December 2016 at UCLan Cyprus.

The festival hosted various technological, scientific and engineering companies and projects which showcased their work to the participants. The festival was open to everyone, and thus the audience included members of the general public, primary school students, high school students and college/university students too.

VI-SEEM was part of this festival in a booth-type presence, and VI-SEEM staff where present that day to present VI-SEEM and hand out leaflets/fliers about VI-SEEM to interested audiences.

Most of this interest came from students – especially computer science students, who better understood concepts concerning the VI-SEEM project.

This festival will be repeated again towards the end of 2017 and VI-SEEM staff in Cyprus will look into being present at this event again. Hopefully more material will since then become available (in the form of Integration Project results – such as posters) for the VI-SEEM exhibition space to seem more complete and attract more visitors.