Deleting a dataset from the VI-SEEM repositories

Data set owners have the right to delete any dataset which they have submitted earlier, from the VI-SEEM repositories.

If a dataset owner wishes to delete one of their datasets, he/she has to request the deletion by contacting the VI-SEEM administration in email. Besides the exact reference to the dataset and precise ownership information, the reason of the deletion request must also been described.

The VI-SEEM administration may ask for more information for clarification. After checking the validity of the request, the VI-SEEM repository administrator will remove the dataset from the repository within 2 weeks.

Please note that deleting a dataset from the VI-SEEM repository may not result that the dataset or parts of it will completely disappear for public access from the Internet. Copies of the dataset may have been created during the published period, and VI-SEEM cannot take any responsibility for this.

Please also note that VI-SEEM and all of its services are fully compliant with the GDPR regulations. (VI-SEEM data privacy policy is available at: