UPT-Cloud – Polytechnic University of Tirana Cloud Site


Faculty of Information Technology of Polytechnic University of Tirana has part of the grid system created in framework of former FP7 SEE-GRID projects supported by the national programme for R&D. The plans are to use this infrastructure to set-up and integrate in the future virtualized cloud infrastructure resources. The plan includes installation of OpenStack cloud management platform supporting virtualization technologies such as Xen or KVM. The idea is to support two functionalities: (a) increased flexibility by running different application on different operating systems thus widening the support for different research communities; and (b) to open the possibility for virtual resource management for performance and energy optimizations.

The cluster consists of 8 node cluster. Each node is an HP ProLiant DL320 Server with dual-core Intel Xeon 3040, 1.86GHz, 2GB RAM + 80GB HDD and two Gigabit Ethernet cards. Total number of cores is 16. We plan to upgrade memory to 4-8 GB per node and add an additional number of 6 nodes reaching in total 14 nodes or 28 cores. We plan to setup and run the OpenStack cloud platform on Ubuntu 14.0.4 server using KVM virtualization hypervisor. Two nodes will be used for controller and storage/network service while 6 nodes as compute nodes. It will run a minimum of 12VM with (1VCPU + 1GB RAM + 30GBHDD) per VM and later the number and capacity of VMs can be increased depending on the upgrade of hardware. For the project the total available amount of cloud resource will be 6VM (1VCPU + 1GB RAM + 30GB HDD) per VM starting from month 10 of the project. In total, it will be dedicated: 6VM-cores, 52,560 VM-hours. Other technical information is provided in the table below. 

Administrative data

System Name UPT-Cloud
Short Description Polytechnic University of Tirana Cloud Site
Owner Polytechnic University of Tirana
Country Albania


Dedication to VI-SEEM

Dedication % of max VMs 50%
Dedication storage % 50%
Dedication in VM hours 52,560
Dedication storage in TB 320


Cloud system operational since -
Expected date system to be available to the project PM10
Expected date to be phased -
Interface to be provided Web-based, SSH


Computational Power

Number of servers 8 Server specification HP ProLiant DL320 Gen5 CPU per server 2
RAM per server 2 Total number of CPU cores 16 Total number of VM cores 12
Interconnect type Ethernet Interconnect bandwith 1 Gbps Total storage 640 GB
Operating sysyem Ubuntu Linux/Scientific Linux/Windows