PARADOX  –  Cluster storage system

PARADOX provides a data storage system, which consists of two service nodes (HP DL380p Gen8) and 5 additional disk enclosures. One disk enclosure is configured with 12 SAS drives of 300 GB (3.6 TB in total), while the other four disk enclosures are configured each with 12 SATA drives of 2 TB (96 TB in total), so that the cluster provides around 100 TB of storage space. Storage space is distributed via a Lustre high performance parallel file system that uses Infiniband technology, and is available both on working and service nodes. Also, the storage can be used externally via gridFTP protocol. Technical details are provided in the table below.

Administrative data

System Name PARADOX
Short Description Cluster storage system
Owner Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB)
Country Serbia

Storage system

Description of storage systems PARADOX HP MSA 2040
Total storage 96 TB


System operational since 2013
Available to the project from PM01
Expected date to be phased out -
Interfaces SFTP, gridFTP

Dedication to VI-SEEM

Dedication % of available storage 5%
Dedication storage in TB 5 TB