Cy-Tera – Hybrid CPU/GPU HPC cluster


Cy-Tera (shown in Figure) is a hybrid CPU/GPU HPC cluster composed of 116 iDataPlex dx360 M3 nodes and a theoretical peak performance of 30.5 TFlops. 98 of these are twelve core compute nodes and 18 of these are GPU nodes with dual NVidia M2070 GPUs. Each node has 48 GB of memory and 4xDR Infiniband network for MPI and I/O to the 300 TB GPFS filesystem. Other technical information is provided in the table below.

Administrative data

Name Cy-Tera
Short Description Hybrid CPU/GPU HPC cluster
Owner The Cyprus Institute
Country Cyprus


Dedication to VI-SEEM

CPU (percent) 15%
Storage (percent) 15%
Accelerators (percent) 15%
CPU (core-hours per year) 1,829,088
Storage in TB 20
Accelerators (hours per year) 21,192,192


System operational since May 2012
Available to the project from PM09
Expected date to be phased -
Interfaces SSH


Computational Power

Number of servers 116 Interconnect type QDR Infiniband Peak performance (Tflops) 190.85
Server specification iDataPlex dx360 M3 Interconnect latency 1.2 μs Real performance (Tflops) 179.73
CPU per server 12 Interconnect bandwidth 40 Gbps Operating system CentOS
RAM per server 48 GB Local filesystem type GPFS Version 6.6
Total number of CPU-cores 1,392 Total storage (TB) 260 TB Batch system/scheduler SLURM
Max number of parallel processes 1,392 Peak performance CPU (Tflops) 190.85 Accelerators type NVidia M2070 GPUs
Number of cores 16,128 Servers equipped with accelerators 12 Peak performance accelerators (Tflops) 18
Accelerators per server 2
Development tools