Zaina – IMAN1-02

Zaina is Intel Xeon based computing cluster with 1 Gbit Ethernet interconnect. This cluster is used for code development, code porting and Synchrotron Radiation application purposes. It compounds of Two Dell PowerEdge R710 and Five HP ProLiant DL140 G3 servers. Technical details are given in the table below.


Administrative data

Name Zaina
Short Description IMAN1-02
Country Jordan


Dedication to VI-SEEM

CPU (percent) 30%
Storage (percent) 30%
Accelerators (percent) -
CPU (core-hours per year) 147,168
Storage in TB 1 TB
Accelerators (hours per year) -


System operational since 2014
Available to the project from M06
Expected date to be phased -
Interfaces SSH, VNC


Computational Power

Number of servers 7 Interconnect type - Peak performance (Tflops) -
Server specification 2 x Dell PowerEdge R710 and 5 x HP ProLiant DL140 G3 Interconnect latency - Real performance (Tflops) -
CPU per server 2 Interconnect bandwidth - Operating system Scientific Linux
RAM per server Dell (16GB) HP (6GB) Local filesystem type - Version 6.4 (Carbon)
Total number of CPU-cores 4 Total storage (TB) 1 TB Batch system/scheduler -
Max number of parallel processes Dell (16) HP (8) Peak performance CPU (Tflops) - Accelerators type -