UPT-HPC – Polytechnic University of Tirana HPC Site


HPC resources of UPT were implemented from an initiative of Albania Ministry of Infrastructure in collaboration with RP of China. It includes three blocks of 8 blade servers and two separate servers interconnected through two Ethernet switch of 1 Gbps. In total the system has 208 cores. Only two of blade blocks are active, the third one is not in use due to technical problems, leaving only 144 active cores. Interconnection is done using two Ethernet switches of 1 Gbps. Two local Ethernet segments are configured, the internal one used for MPI exchanges, the other external for Internet access. Only two separate servers may be accessed from outside using SSH, serving as frontal to access the system. Currently, only minimal software for parallel processing is installed: GCC and MPICH-2. Other open source software may be installed if requested. Other technical information is provided in the table below.

Administrative data

Short Description Polytechnic University of Tirana HPC Site
Owner Polytechnic University of Tirana
Country Albania


Dedication to VI-SEEM

CPU (percent) 10%
Storage (percent) 10%
Accelerators (percent) -
CPU (core-hours per year) 126,144
Storage in TB 1.5
Accelerators (hours per year) -


System operational since 2013
Available to the project from PM04
Expected date to be phased -
Interfaces SSH


Computational Power

Number of servers 18 Interconnect type Ethernet Peak performance (Tflops) -
Server specification Blade servers SUGON Interconnect latency - Real performance (Tflops) -
CPU per server 2 x Intel Quad-core E5506 2.13 GHz Interconnect bandwidth 1 Gbps Operating system Scientific Linux
RAM per server 4 GB DDR3 1.333 GHz Local filesystem type NFS Version 6.5
Total number of CPU-cores 144 Total storage (TB) 18 x 146 GB 10K RPM Batch system/scheduler Torque/Hydra
Max number of parallel processes 144 Peak performance CPU (Tflops) - Accelerators type -
Development tools GNU Compiler, MPICH-2
Libraries -
Applications -