NIIFI SC – Hungarian HPC cluster Budapest site


This is one of the smaller systems NIIF is operating since 2012, having 64 Opteron 12-core CPUs. This is one of the two machines operated at NIIF HQ, Budapest. The system is integrated to PRACE European HPC network. Other technical information is provided in the table below.

Administrative data

Short Description Hungarian HPC cluster Budapest site
Owner NIIF Institute
Country Hungary


Dedication to VI-SEEM

CPU (percent) 5%
Storage (percent) 0%
Accelerators (percent) -
CPU (core-hours per year) 421,882
Storage in TB -
Accelerators (hours per year) -


System operational since 2013
Available to the project from PM04
Expected date to be phased 2018
Interfaces SSH, gsiSSH


Computational Power

Number of servers 32 Interconnect type QDR InfiniBand Peak performance (Tflops) 6
Server specification HP CP4000BL Interconnect latency 2.5 μs Real performance (Tflops) 5
CPU per server 2 Interconnect bandwidth 40 Gbps Operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux
RAM per server 66 GB Local filesystem type IBRIX Version 6
Total number of CPU-cores 768 Total storage (TB) 50 TB Batch system/scheduler SLURM
Max number of parallel processes 1,536 Peak performance CPU (Tflops) 6 Accelerators type -
Development tools Intel SDK
Libraries Intel MKL, etc
Applications Misc.