MK-04-FINKI_CLOUD – Macedonia national research Cloud


MK-04-FINKI_CLOUD is a cloud infrastructure based on OpenNebula and is hosted on 15 HP blade servers, each with 24GB RAM and 12 HT CPU cores, totaling in 432 vCPU cores and 17TB of storage. The system is in production from 2014 as a National and EGI FedCloud integrated cloud system. Other technical information is provided in the table below.

Administrative data

System Name MK-04-FINKI_CLOUD
Short Description Macedonia national research Cloud
Owner UKIM
Country Macedonia


Dedication to VI-SEEM

Dedication % of max VMs 10%
Dedication storage % 10%
Dedication in VM hours 210,240
Dedication storage in TB 2 TB


Cloud system operational since May 2014
Expected date system to be available to the project PM04
Expected date to be phased -
Interface to be provided occi, sunstone


Computational Power

Number of servers 18 Server specification HP BL2x220c CPU per server 12
RAM per server 24 Total number of CPU cores 216 Max number of VMs 432
Smallest VM CPU cores 1 Smallest VM RAM 0.5 Largest VM CPU cores 12
Largest VM RAM 12 Total storage 18 TB Cloud environment type OpenNebula