MD-GRID – MD-GRID Infrastructure


RENAM Association as the National scientific-educational network of Moldova (NREN) is coordinating Grid activities in Moldova since 2007 when it was established MD-Grid – National Grid Initiative (NGI). First GRID-Site started operation in 2008. MD-Grid consist of three GRID-Sites located in the Research and Educational Network Association of Moldova (RENAM), in the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of Academy of Science of Moldova (IMI ASM) and the State University of Moldova (USM). Grid site parameters:

  • Total nodes: 74 CPU-cores, 69 GB of RAM, 6 TB HDD;
  • Computing nodes:  40 CPU-cores, 40 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD.

Technical specification of MD-GRID site is given in the table below.

Administrative data

System Name MD-GRID
Short Description MD-GRID Infrastructure
Country Moldova


Dedication to VI-SEEM

Dedication % of max jobs 30%
Max number of VI-SEEM jobs 12
Dedication in CPU core hours per year 105,120
Dedication storage in TB from the Grid 0.5 TB


System operational since 2088
Expected date system to be available to the project PM04
Expected date to be phased -
Interface to be provided SSH, gridFTP


Computational Power

Number of servers 10 Server specification HP ProLiant DL140 G3, Intel Callahan S5000VLC 2.3 GHz CPU per server 4
RAM per server 4 GB Total number of CPU cores 40 Max number of jobs 40
Local temp storage per server 16 GB Max storage available to a grid job 0.5 TB Type of grid storage SE, DPM
Total grid storage 2 TB