MD-Cloud – MD Scientific Cloud


RENAM Scientific Cloud is deployed on 2 servers using OpenStack and/or Synnefo Cloud middleware. OpenNebula was deployed during participation in the regional project “Experimental Deployment of an Integrated Grid and Cloud Enabled Environment in BSEC Countries on the Base of g-Eclipse (BSEC gEclipseGrid)”. Deployed installation includes 1 server with the following parameters: 8 cores, 16 Gb RAM, 1,5 Tb Storage. OpenStack was deployed during participation in the GN3plus project service activity SA2 “Testbed as a Service” – GEANT Testbed Service (GTS, Installation includes 1 server: 8 cores, 16 Gb RAM, 1,5 Tb Storage. Technical details are given in the table below.

Administrative data

System Name MD-Cloud
Short Description MD Scientific Cloud
Country Moldova


Dedication to VI-SEEM

Dedication % of max VMs 25%
Dedication storage % 25%
Dedication in VM hours 26,280
Dedication storage in TB 0.5 TB


Cloud system operational since -
Expected date system to be available to the project PM04
Expected date to be phased -
Interface to be provided -


Computational Power

Number of servers 2 Server specification Intel Callahan S5000VCL (Intel Xeon 1.6 GHz) CPU per server 2
RAM per server 16 Total number of CPU cores 16 Max number of VMs 12
Smallest VM CPU cores 1 Smallest VM RAM 1 GB Largest VM CPU cores 4
Largest VM RAM 4 GB Total storage 2 TB Cloud environment type Openstack/Synnefo
Interfaces Web, SSH