Global Climate Modelling

Climate-UC2Global climate modelling focuses on modelling the Earth system processes globally using lower resolutions. This is important to simulate processes that involve non-local phenomena that cannot be captured in regional downscaling models alone. The EMAC atmospheric chemistry-climate model has a key role. CyI and MPIC are members of the multi-institutional consortium that oversees the continuous development, licensing and usage of EMAC. The model is used to study global climate aspects with regional significance for the Mediterranean such as long range dust transport into the region and long range meteorological effects which exceed typical domains of regional models. One important use case is of EMAC is utilising the global model output for downscaling, e.g., running WRF with a high resolution grid nested into the coarser global grid of the EMAC output. Global modelling was not previously widely addressed in the SEEM region due the very large demand in computational resources.