CyI Cloud Facility


CyI Cloud Facility – Cloud infastructure pilot based on OpenStack


The CyI Cloud Facility is a cloud infrastructure pilot based on OpenStack and hosted on two different systems – upon 16 IBM x3550 and upon 6 Dell PowerEdge servers with 32GB and 196GB memory per server respectively. With 176 CPU cores and 60TB storage the system will soon be available for users to use its services. Other technical information is provided in the table below.

Administrative data

System Name CyI Cloud Facility
Short Description Cloud infastructure pilot based on OpenStack
Owner CyI
Country Cyprus


Dedication to VI-SEEM

Dedication % of max VMs 10%
Dedication storage % 10%
Dedication in VM hours 157,680
Dedication storage in TB 10%


Cloud system operational since -
Expected date system to be available to the project PM06
Expected date to be phased -
Interface to be provided -


Computational Power

Number of servers 16+6 Server specification 16 IBM x3550, 6 Dell PowerEdge CPU per server 8
RAM per server 32GB, 96GB Total number of CPU cores 176 Max number of VMs 176
Smallest VM CPU cores 1 Smallest VM RAM 1 GB Largest VM CPU cores 8
Largest VM RAM 96 GB Total storage 40 TB Cloud environment type OpenStack
Interfaces - User access Web/SSH