Heritage-UC6Bioarchaeology is a research domain focusing on people and their remains from archaeological contexts. Visual forms of recording, including photography, drawings, as well as, more cutting edge methods relying on 3D data capture and laser scanning both in the field and in the laboratory, require access to digital repositories and digital analytical tools. Demand for data storage and analysis will benefit from the cross-disciplinary activities envisaged in this project in applying techniques from other fields of science, and access to databases. This is particularly relevant with the operation of the SESAME, expected to become by the end of 2015, providing a unique facility in the Middle East for the study of paleontological remains. Over the past years, there is a quasi-exponential increase in the number of research on heritage supported by synchrotron facilities. Besides paleontological remains there is a diverse range of applications that include objects, works and monuments’ material alteration and conservation treatments, the study of object manufacture, provenance, and contribution to authentication. VI-SEEM directly links CH to the SESAME program providing archaeologists using synchrotron the computational capabilities to analyse their data.