VI-SEEM presented computational resources and services at the Athens Science Festival, 25-29 April 2018, Athens, Greece

VI-SEEM participated in this year’s Athens Science Festival, a landmark event in the field of Science, Technology, Innovation and Art in Greece! Visitors had the opportunity to explore the VI-SEEM computational resources and services provided to researchers working on various fields such as Life Sciences, Climatology and Digital Cultural Heritage. These computational resources include High Performance Computers (HPC), Cloud and Grid resources and data storage space and data management. In the festival, the project was presented through interactive scientific applications, which the project supports.

The event took place on 25 – 29 April, everyday 9am – 8pm.

Since its introduction to the people of Athens in 2014, Athens Science Festival has collaborated with more than 3,600 scientific associates, 470 speakers, 240 artists and 1,100 volunteers. The Festival is repeatedly justifying its social impact having exceeded initial expectations and having reached out to more than 90,000 visitors over the past 4 years. As such, the Athens Science Festival is righteously considered as one of the largest science and technology festivals in Greece.

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