Submission of papers for publication in Journal of Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience (SCPE).

The developers of applications in the Climatology, Life Sciences and Digital Cultural Heritage communities that have used VI-SEEM VRE platform, are invited to submit papers for the Special Issue “e-Infrastructures for excellent science: Advances in Life Sciences, Digital Cultural Heritage and Climatology” which will be published in the open access scientific “Journal of Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience” (SCPE).
The following information will be useful for users in these communities:
1. The web-site of the Special Issue is already open, while the deadline for submission is December 22, 2017. This means that your paper should be uploaded to the web-site in the period from now to December 22.
2. The details for the Special issue are given at:
3. When you are uploading your paper, please follow the instructions in the section “Authors Guidelines” at:
For more information, please, contact Prof. Aneta Karaivanova, Special issue editor, at e-mail: anet at